Top Five Most Disgusting Places in the Gym

Think you know the 5 germiest, grimiest places in the gym?Think you know the 5 germiest, grimiest places in the gym?

Working out is an important part of keeping your body healthy but, ironically, gyms can be crawling with germs. Moist, damp places with a lot of high touch points are an ideal environment for germs to grow and spread.

Shawn McIntosh, Director of Global Operations with Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System®, gives a rundown of the 5 germiest, grimiest places in the gym:

  1. Interior entrance door handles and push plates.
  2. Shower floors.
  3. Free weight benches and bars.
  4. Dumbbells.
  5. Mats and all cardio and weight training machine touch points.

Want to take your gym germ prevention a step further? McIntosh offers these 11 healthy gym tips:

  1. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Always wipe equipment and machines before and after use, including mats and cardio machines. Bring your own wipes if the gym doesn’t supply them.
  3. After working out, wash hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  4. To avoid getting others sick, don’t go to the gym when you’re under the weather.
  5. Don’t store damp towels or clothing in your gym bag.
  6. Bring your own water bottle to the gym—drinking fountains are germs epicenters.
  7. Don’t share towels.
  8. Change socks often; sweaty socks are a breeding ground for fungi.
  9. Always wear flip-flops in the shower and locker room.
  10. Use antifungal powder in your gym shoes to prevent bacteria and fungus.
  11. Bring your own soap to the gym.

You can also ask your gym what measures they are taking to keep their members healthy. The Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System® Program is a professional commercial cleaning program that focuses on killing and removing germs in gym hot spots, an excellent way for gyms, fitness centers and all facilities to be proactive about health and wellness.

Read more about McIntosh’s interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch here or find out more about the best commercial cleaning program here.

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