Travel checklist – How to avoid getting sick on holiday


Tickets? Check. Cell phone charger? Check. Digital Camera? Check. You’ve planned your vacation to the last detail and you’re ready to relax. But, unfortunately, germs and illnesses don’t take vacations.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 595 Royal Caribbean cruise ship passengers and 50 crew members became sick with sudden vomiting and diarrhea, symptoms that match the norovirus. This type of virus spreads easily in areas where there are a lot of people touching the same germ hot spots.

The first-floor button on an elevator harbors the most bacteria and germs. Also, bathrooms have fecal toxins on nearly every surface. With a high probability of these present on a cruise ship, hotel, resort or any busy vacation spot, it can be nearly impossible to dodge it.

Before you begin your trip, follow this checklist to prepare yourself:

 Wash your hands repeatedly – remind your family and friends, as well
 Do not prepare food for others if you are sick
 If you can, bring hand disinfectants
 Some cruises and resorts have hand sanitizer stands near restaurants. Use them.
 If you or someone else you know is sick, let management know so they can take proper precautions

To avoid coworkers spreading germs or viruses to those at your office, download and print this free hand washing guide to remind them to wash up!

Learn more about how the Coverall® Program was designed to help kill and remove germs from high touch points by calling your local support center for more info.

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