What type of sneezer are you?

How to help reduce the spread of germs


We all have our own way of sneezing. Some are so loud you can hear it through the entire house (or office), others are high pitched and others are downright funny. Many say “Bless you” or “Gesundheit,” or pass a tissue to whoever is sneezing. An old wives tale says to place a hand in front of your mouth when sneezing so your soul doesn’t escape, and depending on which day you sneeze, you may have bad luck.

What should you do, though, when you’re the one who’s sneezing? Take a look below to see what type of sneezer you are.

1. The Bare Hander


Avoid sneezing into your hands unless you’re armed with hand sanitizer or near warm water and soap. You are possibly spreading lots of germs around the office or your home. Some particles will always fly out through your hands and fingers.

2. Quick Draw McSneeze


If you’re quick enough to reach for ‘em, tissues are your best bet. In fact, an ABC News segment found that, when put to the test, nothing gets through a tissue. But, after you use the tissue, throw it away!

3. Hands Free n’ Sneezy


Sneezing into your elbow may work in some situations since it avoids your hands; however, sneeze particles will still escape and land on whatever surface is nearby.

Although a sneeze is your body’s way of clearing your nose of bacteria and viruses, keep a watchful eye on why you’re sneezing. It could be the start of a cold, flu or a reaction to allergens. Your office or home may not be properly cleaned or your indoor air quality in the best shape.

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