Ways to Make Your Monday Happier at the Office

Do you like Mondays? On Mondays, people get on an average only 3 hours of work done, call in sick the most, and many feel more depressed on a Monday than any day of the week.

The cult-classic Office Space perfectly illustrates Monday frustration:

It’s a guessing game as to why Mondays are the way they are. Maybe people are reminded of what they didn’t do (or have to do), maybe they didn’t get rest during the weekend, watched a late Sunday night football game, or don’t like their job. Some reasons why people don’t like their jobs are time related – they’re overworked, they procrastinate too much, and have a long commute, just to name a few.

If you’re part of the Monday blues crowd, try out the following:

Paper clutter Is your desk covered with past invoices, notebooks and random pieces of paper? Routinely file (or shred) things you don’t need for the following week and make a pile of important documents to look over.
Tip: Make sure your janitor has access to the trash bins, so you can get rid of the paper properly. 

Make your mark – Is your office gray, gloomy and bland? Depending on your employee policies, add some color and personality to your work space. Many put pictures of their families, inspirational quotes and plants. Coming back on Monday to “your” space can make it feel familiar, and positive.

Messy desk – Although having personal objects is a good way to add a little more life into your work space, strewn objects across your desks can also be disruptive. If you’re constantly moving things around to make room for your files, think about rearranging some things.
Tip: Professional janitors typically do not move personal objects or business papers and files to dust the surface underneath – keep that in mind, so your work space is both clean and organized.

Digital clutterToday we also have digital clutter. E-mails, folders and the typical messy desktop. Every week, delete things you don’t need, preferably on a Thursday or Friday. That way, you won’t waste time searching for important files on Monday and get irritated while at it.
Tip: Keep an eye on dust buildup on your gadgets – when dust gathers, it can block the computer fan from cooling. Dust can also affect your mouse, keyboard and the optical laser.

Crumbs and Spills If you usually snack and drink coffee at your desk there’s a risk of spilling your coffee, dropping food or even accidently rolling over it with your chair. Pretty gross and who likes stains and spills in their office? Although your office cleaning service should be vacuuming and paying attention to your floors, ensure that your sudden spill doesn’t become a pain to clean out.
Tip: Immediately blot up as much as you can with dry paper towels. If you act quickly, your office cleaning service won’t have as many problems removing the rest.

Germville – The office can get pretty germy, in fact, common office pet peeves include dirty dishes in the break room sink, a messy bathroom and distracting odors. This isn’t only disruptive to your work but germ spread can wreak havoc during flu season.
Tip: If you notice that your coworkers are getting sick more often and your work is being affected, contact your office cleaning service and see if they clean common germ hot spots, how they clean them and how often. Also, put up hand washing signs in the bathroom to remind others that hand hygiene is important.

Communicate – Sometimes we have to put the effort into feeling good at first. Say “Hi” to your coworkers, write a thank you note to your janitor for keeping your office clean and remember that Monday is just another day.

What makes your Monday happy?

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