What’s Festering in Your Work Refrigerator?


We’ve all seen them. Unmarked plastic containers. Mystery foil-wrapped packets. Old bottles of condiments that no one claims ownership. Ah, the saga of many an office refrigerator: The Land of the Forgotten Food.

Food left in fridge not only takes up valuable space, but can turn into health hazard. Refrigerators that are overstuffed can cause the temperature to go above the safe temperature of 40° Fahrenheit because there is no room for cold air to circulate. Do you know what happens when the temperature increases? Spoilage bacteria can grow, causing bad taste and smells. Have you ever opened the fridge only to be greeted by the stench of sour milk? Rotting foods, such as fruits and veggies, cause odor and mess. Spills or drips from improperly wrapped food can contaminate good food. Warmer refrigerator temperatures or old leftovers can breed bacteria and run the risk of food poising if eaten. Besides, who wants to keep their lunch in a dirty, smelly, sticky refrigerator?

Keep yourself and your co-workers safe – adopt a Clean Fridge Plan! It’s super easy to get started:


  • Clean up any spills immediately with hot soapy water, rinse and dry.


  • Check the fridge (especially in the back) for any food items you may have left during the week. Take home or throw away.
  • If you keep items in the work fridge, such as salad dressing or coffee creamer, check the expiration date. If expired, do not offer to share the item with your coworkers or put it back on the shelf! Dump it out.


  • Request a thorough interior wash down once a month with your Coverall Franchised Business to help keep the fridge clean and fresh.

A healthy and clean work refrigerator is easy to achieve with a little teamwork.


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