Who’s Got More Germs, Men Or Women?


Valentine’s Day conjures up images of flowers and heart-shaped chocolates. In the spirit of the day, we found some answers in the debate that’s as old as time: who’s got more cooties, men or women?

A study led by “Dr. Germ,” aka Dr. Charles Gerba, Coverall Spokesperson and Professor of Microbiology at University of Arizona, found that women’s offices harbor three and a half times more bacteria than men’s. Hey women – the study showed that 75% of us store food in our desk drawers and around our keyboard area, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Lotion and makeup also cause problems as they can find their way onto various surfaces and trap germs.

Even more surprising, one-third of women’s purses were found to have fecal bacteria on them, probably because women tend to set their purses and bags down on bathroom floors, countertops and outside on the ground.

Men, you’re not off the hook. Contrary to popular belief, men’s wallets and gadget cases have higher germ counts than any women’s item. Why are men’s wallets so much germier? First, they’re usually kept in back pockets, where the warm environment is ideal for germs to live long and prosper. Men also tend to keep their wallets longer than women hold on to purses, and men tend to fidget and play with their gadgetry and wallets more often.

Here are some things both sexes can do to avoid unnecessary germ spreading:

  • Wash or sanitize hands several times a day.
  • Arm your desk or work place with sanitizing wipes.
  • Stick to a material like leather that can be easily wiped down for wallets and purses. As Dr. Gerba says, “A fabric bag is harder to clean and just holds more germs.”
  • Finally, Gerba says to give office knickknacks and accessories the same thorough cleaning as everything else. “People tend to touch and pick up the knickknacks on their desks. It’s a vicious cycle of germs transferring from hands to objects to desks,” he said.

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