Why Green Matters

Celebrating Earth Day 2014


Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries each year and focuses on environmental protection. Some support this cause by planting trees, recycling, and educating others about the planet.

As a leader in healthy clean, what are we doing to support the environment?

  • As part of the Coverall® System our Franchised Businesses use hospital grade disinfectants
  • We partner with companies who support environment change (Diversey, R.E. Whittaker Company and KaivacTM Cleaning Systems)

So what does this mean for you?

Coverall provides environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions that incorporate many green components while providing the proper level of disinfection necessary to kill and remove illness-causing germs. Our Coverall Core4SM Process allows us to contain and remove harmful bacteria with technology that improves germ removal and reduces paper waste.

While we do our part in supporting the environment, how will you celebrate Earth Day?

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Post Author: Natalia Rex
Natalia Rex is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Coverall. In 2012 she earned her Master of Arts degree in Communication. Her background includes instruction, social media, publication and visual arts.

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