In some regions of the country, winter already arrived earlier than usual. But as we all know by now, nature tends to surprise us every year. To avoid nasty surprises after the snow melts, here are a few important tips on carpet and floor care during the snowy, chilly months. Are you ready for floor cleaning?

1. Avoid tracked-in dirt, salt and snow with mats placed by the door. They’ll absorb moisture and anything else that’s easily tracked in by snow boots.

2. Keep an eye on areas of your floor that tend to get wet and slippery. The last thing you want is a slip-and-fall accident.

3. Salt stains can leave white marks on your carpet. But don’t worry – carpet extraction can take care of this problem.

4. Does your carpet get soggy due to melted snow? If it is, ask your cleaning service to assess your carpet to see if it needs extra care. Left untreated, a wet carpet can get moldy and smelly.

5. How often is your floor vacuumed per week? The more the merrier. Why? By picking up dirt particles, you’re avoiding extra wear and tear on the fibers, which is extremely important during this season.

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If you need further proof that carpet care is an important thing to think about read the Top 5 Reasons Routine Carpet Cleaning is Good for Business.

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