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Nothing reinforces company culture and camaraderie like a great holiday party. Yet, nothing leaves the office dirtier than the aftermath of the holiday festivities. Don’t let that stop you from celebrating this year’s accomplishments. In fact, here are some tips for throwing the perfect office party.

About 80% of companies throw a holiday party each year, many of them in the office to help control costs. With the holiday party season fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about all the work you’ll have to do to both before and after the party. Having a plan in place will ensure your festivities run smoothly and without any unforeseen complications.

“While most people are focused on post-party clean-up, getting the office ready for the event is equally as important,” said Shirley Klein, COO of Coverall.  “To ensure you make the best impression for your guests, make your space sparkle by hiring a professional cleaning company.”

Following the party, a professional cleaning service like Coverall will give you peace of mind ensuring that the smell of leftovers , stains and germs are gone so that your employees can return to a fresh and clean space.

“Relying on professionals allows your team to enjoy the party without worrying about the mess, and ensures the space is sanitized and ready to resume business operations,” added Klein.

While you end the year on a high note, let’s be sure to start 2018 on a clean note. With employees out of the office on vacation and business potentially slower than usual, holiday weeks are the right time to thoroughly clean, disinfect and polish the office.

Each year, at this time, we experience a spike in requests for our special services, including carpet cleaning, floor polishing and deep cleanings of the entire office. Germs build up. Cold and flu season is here. And, nobody wants to go back to a messy or germ-filled office after a joyous holiday season.

Our Core 4® Cleaning Process will help put a smile on the faces of you and your employees when you return to work, seeing that extra sparkle and shine when you walk in.

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